DB Designer for iPad

DB Designer for iPad is a visual editor for creating databases for MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite. By offering a simply handling it makes it possible to create data structures fast and efficient. In addition to maintaining multiple projects it’s also possible to export data models to work with them in other tools. With this tool you create easy an fast small and also complex data models and save yourself a lot of time.


The key features are:


  • Managing multiple projects
  • Support for MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite syntax
  • Autocomplete data types
  • Create, edit, and remove tables and fields
  • Support fot optional schemas
  • Color codes for your tables
  • Support for primary, foreign and unique keys
  • Support for indexes (MS SQL: non-clustered and clustered)
  • Easily create relations between tables
  • Creating mandatory or default fields
  • Export as SQL script or PDF
  • Export by email or open with other apps (i.e. DropBox)